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People Making a Difference
Welcome to HealthComp! We offer services that extend beyond that of medical claims processing.  We are set apart  from our competition with our Resistance to Outsourcing, strong Emphasis on Cost Containment, and Advanced Technology.

By in-sourcing services such as Utilization Management, Compliance, Stop loss marketing, dependent eligibility audits, Section 125 & debit card, ID card production, Fraud & Abuse Unit, Appeal review, Plan document review & preparation, Amendments review and preparation,  we have a strategic advantage over competitors to control quality and remain flexible to the needs of our clients.

With a strong emphasis and continued commitment in Cost Containment, we have invested in a staff of 60 Utilization Management Professionals, 30 of which are nurses.  Our Cost Containment is a Core Competency of HealthComp.

We provide an array of in-house UM services including Medical and Disease Management, Case Management, Wellness, and Neonatal programs.

HealthComp is Technologically Advanced, evident by our combined IS and IT staff of 22 full-time employees, 16 of whom are programmers.  We provide extensive and flexible reporting packages, web-based solutions (for clients, participants, and providers), an interactive phone system, and a state-of-the-art electronic mail system.



What's New?

HealthComp expands Wellness and Prevention Offerings
We are pleased to present our latest addition in Wellness and Prevention program offerings, Cancer Awareness. The best defense against cancer is awareness and prevention. HealthComp's Cancer Awareness program is designed to develop a culture of health, create awareness, encourage prevention screenings, and ultimately reduce the participants' risk of cancer through early detection and intervention. Click on the “Services” tab to learn more about Cancer Awareness and the wide variety of in-house Wellness programs we offer.

HCOnline is now available for Providers too

HealthComp is pleased to announce our latest addition in online service solutions, HCProvider. Similar to HCOnline, HCProvider allows providers to create a unique account, this account will allow providers to verify participant eligibility and search claim submissions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on the “Provider” tab today to learn more about this exciting tool.