Company History
Company History
Incorporated in August 1994 and headquartered in Fresno, California, HealthComp's first self-funded group Health Plan became effective in November 1995. About two years later, a sales office began operations  to serve the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  In January 2000, HealthComp launched its Utilization Management division, currently staffed with more than 60 medical professionals and support staff.  With a continuous commitment to leading edge technology, HealthComp has provided web-enabled tools, including online enrollment and claims query to its members since January 2001, online reporting for clients and brokers since January 2009, and most recently in June 2010 added online access for providers to view eligibility and claim status.  Now with more than 180,000 member lives under administration, HealthComp continues to enhance its capabilities and services as it expands its market presence throughout the United States.

1994-HealthComp was founded and headquartered in Fresno, CA
1995-First self-funded group health plan became effective
1997-Opened sales office to serve the Pacific Northwest and Alaska
2000-Launched Utilization Management Division
2001-Online Enrollment and Claims query provided to Customers
2003-Surpassed 50,000 covered employee lives
2007-Expanded into second facility in Fresno
2009-Offered online reporting for Clients and Brokers
2010-Added online eligibility and claims status for Providers
2011-Launched benchmark reporting
2012-Reached 80,000 covered employee lives
2013-Introduced Cancer Awareness Program
2014-Released Mobile App, Electronic EOBs, and Electronic FSA Claims Submission
2015-Presented ER Solutions, Dialysis Claims Management, and Digital ID Cards