HealthComp utilizes the latest version of the Eldorado Healthcare Benefit Management Software. This system, considered state-of-the-art in the industry, is automated and integrated, providing both sophisticated controls and features, which assist in preventing erroneous claim settlements.

HealthComp purchases medical cost data for use in its usual and customary calculations, and incorporates this data directly into its claims system for online access and automated adjudication. Through use of its licensed and proprietary software, HealthComp utilizes EDI extensively for claims receipts and routing, providing for a faster and more accurate adjudication process.

Hardware Backup:

HealthComp's primary application server and supporting servers incorporate RAID Level 5 with hot-swappable hard drives for system and data file redundancy. In the RAID 5 scenario, all data is striped across all secondary storage devices (the hard drives). Should one hard drive fail, the information is retained by all other hard drives until a new hard drive is added. As a final measure, an entire backup is made on a nightly basis to an LTO external tape drive using an industry-standard backup utility. This backup includes a full image of system and data files, enabling a full or partial restore to the primary or secondary servers. From the nightly backup, the LTO tape is transferred to an off-site fire-vault.

We have a full service mailroom, which allows HealthComp to control the printing, sorting, bar coding, inserting, and postage on each check and EOB that we send out. This cost-effective system balances our needs of today while optimizing for future growth, this system has plenty of capacity as HealthComp's mailing needs grow with our ever-changing client needs. Consistent and predictable performance, simplicity of use, integrity, and reporting are built right into our mail system.


HealthComp employs an automated datacenter built on the production-proven VMware virtualization platform. This allows us the flexibility to respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMWare delivers resources, applications - even servers - when and where they are needed and gives HealthComp the ability to quickly and efficiently handle the special needs of our customers.

Information Systems Professionals:

HealthComp has a large staff of in-house I.S. professionals that create solutions that enhance our internal workings as well as the services we provide to our customers. These dedicated individuals maintain our hardware infrastructure and create applications that support our business applications as well as our data warehouses. An extremely dedicated team of individuals provides report applications that deliver useful and relevant information in a timely manner to customers both inside and outside the organization.