Claims Administration
Claims Administration

Claims Processing:  HealthComp's claims system is automated and fully integrated with both billing and eligibility. In order to satisfactorily perform the automated claims adjudication process, the system stores all Plan-specific parameters, usual and customary data. The system also maintains numerous automated controls to assist in the prevention and detection of erroneous or invalid claim payments.

Turnaround:  HealthComp provides one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. We have a 24-hour turn-around goal for “clean” claims, with actual turn-around averaging between one-to-three days. Our quick turn-around policy results in:

  • Your employees perceive your health plan as being a true benefit, therefore morale among your workforce remains high
  • Eliminating unnecessary phone calls from employees and/or providers asking for claim status.
  • Preventing providers from harassing your employees for payment
  • Assuring maximum reimbursement from your stop-loss coverage