COBRA & HIPAA Administration

COBRA Administration

HealthComp offers complete administration of your COBRA requirements. We eliminate the worry of collecting premiums from your COBRA members and tracking their coverage period. Furthermore, you no longer need to keep track of when and what legal notices must be provided.

HealthComp performs the following COBRA administration functions:
  • Tracking of eligibility changes.
  • Generation and mailing of initial COBRA notifications to new employees and family members.
  • Generation and mailing of COBRA qualifying event notices to employees or dependents experiencing a qualifying event.
  • System maintenance of COBRA rates.
  • Generation and mailing of monthly COBRA billing to participant.
  • Receipt and posting of monthly premiums.
  • Accounting for and disbursement of COBRA premiums to proper vendors or to the employer.
  • Generation and mailing of 180 day notice.
  • Generation and mailing of rates or Health Plan change notices.
  • Review and updates of new COBRA regulation and case law.

HIPAA Administration

HIPAA administration requires specialized knowledge of how governmental requirements relate to individual Health Plans.  Special notice requirements concerning pre-existing conditions, exclusion periods, rights regarding prior creditable coverage/certificates, along with the necessary calculations, can cause great confusion. HealthComp is able to eliminate the confusion surrounding these laws by preparing the necessary notifications by working with your employees to gather prior coverage information and by calculating and tracking the appropriate pre-existing condition exclusion periods. 
  • Notify in writing, each new Health Plan participant, of their pre-existing condition exclusion period and their rights to its reduction through evidence of prior creditable coverage.
  • Obtain from group or new Health Plan participant, evidence of prior creditable coverage and/or assist the new Health Plan participant in securing such evidence.
  • Calculate, determine, record and apply actual pre-existing condition exclusion period after applying prior creditable coverage.
  • Provide customer service support to Health Plan participants regarding HIPAA questions and issues.
  • Calculate and provide certificates of creditable coverage to these Health Plan participants terminating from the Health Plan.
  • Monitor and implement procedures to insure Health Plan compliance as may be necessary due to regulatory changes and new case law.