Flex Admin
Flex Administration

Plan Set-up

A one-time set-up fee includes our Standard Plan Document and Summary Plan Description. HealthComp also provides generic enrollment forms, claim forms, flex materials, and return envelopes.

Plan Documentation

HealthComp will prepare a plan document and summary plan descriptions. On a monthly basis, the Employer will receive a year-to-date report reflecting contributions, balances, and claims paid, along with a list bill.

Nondiscrimination Testing

The plan must meet certain discrimination tests guidelines. HealthComp will perform the testing for each plan year for compliance as long as the Employer provides the necessary information (listing of officers/key employees and salary data).

Toll-free telephone number

Members can speak to a representative, via a toll-free telephone number, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST Monday through Friday.

FlexComp System

HealthComp keeps track of participants' salary reductions (contributions), claims paid, claims pending, and balances - at an individual level - and at the Employer level.


FlexOnline is a web-enabled application, which allows "real time" interactive access to claims history and other plan specific information via the Internet. FlexOnline provides the ability to query real time claims data and process open enrollment.

FlexOnline is available with two levels of access. The following is a brief description of each.


This feature allows for on-line access by the Employer's employee benefits representative and the plan participants. Query includes participant information such as name, address, social security number, benefits elected, annual election(s), claim history. Enrollment forms and claim forms can also be downloaded on-line. Claim history includes claims received date, dates of service, type of service, reimbursement paid and check number and paid date. A brief description of the claim is also provided, however, diagnosis or sensitive information is not accessible through this feature.

Open Enrollment

This feature allows on-line paperless open enrollment. Enrollment and Welcome page(s) may be customized to suit each group's specific needs. On-line enrollment also allows for the tracking and monitoring of the enrollment process. For example: daily monitoring will reflect how many employees have completed their enrollment, how many have started but not completed their enrollment and how many have not yet enrolled. This information will support the company's Human Resource Department in coordinating timely enrollment with company departments and locations. On-line enrollment can result in considerable cost savings. Enrollment packets including printed materials will no longer be required. The On-line enrollment process may also replace open enrollment meetings to numerous company locations whereby eliminating travel expenses.

FLEX COBRA Administration

When we receive a notification from the employer, HealthComp checks to see if the participant is eligible for COBRA (a participant in the Health Spending Account). The account administrator will send a notification letter with an election/declination form to the employee. If the employee elects COBRA, he or she is sent a bill each month. If the participant fails to make the required contribution, a termination letter is mailed and the participant is terminated.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available at no additional cost.


If applicable, HealthComp prepares the Form 5500.

Flex Reports

On a monthly basis, the employer receives a year-to-date report reflecting contributions, balances and claims paid, along with a listing of all the Plan members and each member's per-payroll deduction. Included with each reimbursement check, members receive an explanation of benefits and a year-to-date summary. One month prior to the Plan year-end, members receive a statement reflecting their account summary.


Employers and employees can download our forms from the HealthComp website.

Integration of Self Insured Plans and Managed Care Plans

HealthComp's self-insured claims paying system and their flexible benefits system are integrated. An Employer who uses HealthComp as their administrator for both their self-insured plan, and their Flexible Health Spending Account, saves on both time, and unnecessary paperwork.

For example, usually when an Employee participates in a self-insured plan and a Health Spending Account (FSA), the procedure is as follows: A health claim is submitted for payment, and it is fully or partial unpaid due to deductibles or coinsurance. The employee gets an explanation of benefits (EOB) indicating what portion of the claim is their responsibility. The employee then must submit a claim for reimbursement from their flexible benefits plan. Using HealthComp, the extra step above is eliminated. When a health claim is fully or partially unpaid, HealthComp's self-insured system will automatically check the participant's flexible benefits account, and if it is eligible to be reimbursed, it will pay out of that account. This saves the employee from having to wait for an EOB in order to submit a claim for reimbursement out of their flexible benefits account.


Claims are processed daily and paid weekly. Checks are mailed to members at their home address.