Fraud Prevention

What is Fraud and how does it affect me?

Fraud is the intentional deception or misrepresentation intended to produce an unauthorized benefit. Doctors or Patients may commit fraud. The NHCAA (National Healthcare Anti-Fraud Association) estimates that at least 3 percent or $39 billion per calendar year is lost to fraud. Healthcare fraud can take many forms, reach all facets of the industry, and be perpetrated by persons both within and outside the healthcare industry. Fraud is being perpetrated not only by individual physicians, but also by laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, and individuals that provide no healthcare at all but prey upon the system with fraudulent scams. Everyone pays the price for healthcare fraud, as reflected by higher insurance premiums, increased costs for medical services and equipment, and greater expenditures for Medicare and other public healthcare programs.

What can you do?

We urge all participants to tell us when fraud is suspected. If at any time you suspect fraud is being committed, please call us as soon as possible. HealthComp's Special Investigations Unit has a 24 hour fraud hotline. If you choose to remain anonymous you may do so. Call 800-966-7247 to report suspicious incidents. Or email us at: You can also print the Reporting Fraud form and mail it to the address below.

What is HealthComp doing to prevent Fraud?

HealthComp is making an enormous effort to prevent and detect fraud. We have established our own special investigations unit to investigate fraud. Our mission is to protect our clients' interests by offering innovative investigative and consulting services.

Special Investigations Unit

PO Box 45018
Fresno, CA 93718-5018

We thank you for doing your part in stopping insurance fraud.