HealthComp believes a smooth transition from the previous plan or administrator to be one of the most important and critical functions we perform. Because of this, we employ an Implementation team comprised of the most detail-oriented, critical-thinking individuals within our company. The sole purpose of this team is to assure the smooth and personalized transition of your Plan.

Weekly Implementation Conference Calls:  To provide You and Your participants with a stress-free transition, HealthComp's experienced Implementation Team Coordinates and conducts weekly implementation meetings/calls with the group and consultant/broker.  The purpose of the weekly calls is to identify Your administrative needs, obtain necessary information, address any questions, and to keep You abreast of the implementation progress.

Prior Claims History:  HealthComp has the capability of loading prior Plan information such as deductibles, out-of-pocket amounts, and annual or lifetime maximums. We utilize a proprietary program specifically designed to check for duplicate-claim payments. All of this allows for the seamless transition from one administrator to the next, even in the middle of your Plan year.

Run-in:  Run-in claims processing is not a problem. In fact, we prefer to perform the run-in service since it allows for not only a clean break, but also a more accurate processing of claims. Stop-loss tracking and reporting is also made easier if only one administrator is paying your claims.

Enrollment and Identification Cards:  We make a firm commitment to have identification cards in the hands of your employees before the effective date. It is not necessary for your group to go through another enrollment. In most cases, we are able to obtain eligibility information directly from the previous administrator/carrier and either electronically or manually load our system with your current census.

Auditing:  HealthComp repeatedly analyzes accuracy levels.  During the first 60 - 90 days following each client's implementation, our Implementation and Plan building Team processes and analyzes all claims to assure proper system programming and training has been completed.  Ongoing audits are performed utilizing a system generated random sample examining 3 - 5 percent of all claims paid.