Trust Accounting
Trust Accounting

HealthComp's accounting and financial reporting is automated and interfaces directly with the collection, eligibility, claims and payable systems. It is our willingness to remain flexible in the area of Trust Accounting that has allowed us to satisfy the distinct needs of our clients.

Claims Funding & Banking

We provide personalized checking and funding procedures to meet your unique specifications. Individual bank accounts are set-up in your name with HealthComp as a signer on the account. Funding can be administered in a multitude of related ways including, but not limited to, inclusion on monthly billings, weekly unpaid claims requests, or funding to the actual check register. Additionally, HealthComp has the ability to prepare monthly bank reconciliations on behalf of your Plan.

Consolidated Billing & Departmental Reporting

We offer consolidated billing and payment distribution to the Plan vendors. These vendors may include those not directly related to the benefits being administered by HealthComp. Per your specifications, departmental reporting is available for both billing and claims tracking. This ensures that each department can be tracked separately for internal reporting purposes.

Monthly Reporting

Standardized reports are furnished monthly, quarterly, or annually; however, custom reports may be generated through our specialized reporting software. All information entered into our system can be extracted into a reporting format.

Stop-Loss Filing

HealthComp dedicates experienced full-time claim examiners to process and file individual claims pertaining to specific stop-loss coverage. Aggregate reports, which are filed with the respective carrier, are provided to you monthly. It is because of our accurate and efficient handling of claims that we possess one of the highest reputations among stop-loss carriers. This translates into cost savings for your Plan, as well as more efficient cash-flow management.