Care Advocate
Care Advocate Program

Some case management companies have very strict criteria for assigning a Case Management Nurse to a patient. Many patients, who are seriously ill or dealing with complicated health issues, are sometimes overwhelmed and may need emotional support, social services support, or guidance through the healthcare system. However, they may not qualify for case management under their current program.

The Care Advocate Program provides that much-needed “personal touch” that is often lacking in the healthcare industry. Our experienced nurses develop close, personal relationships with their patients, something unique from the health insurance standpoint. The nurse's primary goal is to assist in coordinating care so that the patient can focus on becoming well. In an effort to decrease out-of-pocket expenses, the Care Advocate Nurse also focuses on cost-containment measures, negotiating rates with both network and non-network providers alike.

Who Benefits:

  • Employers who take an active role in ensuring that their employees and dependents are getting their health needs met may refer patients to us, secure in the knowledge that they will receive the best possible care.

  • Patients and their families have an “advocate” to help steer them through the healthcare system.

  • Health providers for the patient have one point of contact to assist in coordinating care.

  • Stop loss carriers receive ongoing, updated information on potentially high-dollar claimants.