Mommies 2-B
Mommies 2-B Program

What is Mommies 2-B? Mommies 2-B (M2B) is a program to help expecting mothers better understand and manage their pregnancy. The goal of the M2B Program is to help you learn about and cope with changes and special needs that occur during this exciting time and help to give your baby the greatest chance of being born strong and healthy. The first step to having a healthy baby, is knowing all you can about your health. Although medical problems can occur, early identification aids in the success of your treatment.

Once your pregnancy has been identified, your HealthComp Nurse will contact you by phone to offer assistance. Your Nurse will obtain a pregnancy history and tailor the program to your individual needs. As an expecting parent you will receive an educational packet, which will include information on many pregnancy related topics.

The M2B Program offers information on the following subjects:

  • Role of Case Manager
  • Prenatal medical care
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • WIC services
  • Recognizing pregnancy-related problems
  • Hyperemesis
  • Drug Therapy During Pregnancy
  • Life-Style considerations
  • Family Dynamics
  • The role of the “father” in pregnancy
  • Travel During Pregnancy
  • Breast Feeding
  • Infant Car seat use
  • Shaken-baby syndrome (SBS)

M2B Newsletters

The M2B team is made up of registered nurses, and other ancillary staff. We are available by phone or email to assist you in managing your healthcare needs. Your M2B Wellness Nurse may be reached at 1-800-755-7247, or by sending an email to

Please note: The advice given is not meant to replace the care of your medical provider, but rather a complement to that care. HealthComp encourages an active partnership with the patient, the family, the provider, and the prenatal nurse during the course of the pregnancy, thus increasing participation in all aspects of care.


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