Health Risk Assessment
Health Risk Assessment

Dear Member,

Thank you in advance for completing the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), which is an integral part of the Wellness Management Program. Our Wellness Program is interested in your health status and the quality of your medical care. Please select only one response per question your responses will be sent directly to the Wellness Team at HealthComp.

The purpose of the HRA is to identify potential Risk Factors that can affect your health and provide recommendations for improvement. Risk factors are those things that increase or decrease the risk of developing disease. They can be lifestyle factors such as diet and activity level, environmental exposures such as air pollution, or personal characteristics such as family history, race, or age.

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After reviewing your responses, a nursing assessment will be completed and a report prepared for you. While we can't prevent certain risk factors, it has been shown that lifestyle can have a huge impact on health risk. Healthy choices can help prevent many major illnesses and diseases. Again, we would like to emphasize that participation in this program is voluntary, completely confidential, and provided at no additional cost to you.

The Wellness Management team is made up of registered nurses, pharmacists, and other ancillary staff. We are available by phone or email to assist you in managing your healthcare needs. Your Wellness Nurse may be reached at 1-800-755-7247, or by sending an email to

Please note: The advice given is not meant to replace the care of your medical provider, but rather a complement to that care. We encourage you to establish a relationship with a primary care provider and see them as needed for all preventive and routine care based on your age and gender.


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