It's your data and we give you total access to it. We provide you with the reports, tools and analytics to generate insights to help you manage your plans.

Standard Reports

  • Over 50 standard reports to choose from.
  • Multiple types of reports: Interactive Dashboard, Real-Time Reports, Pre Compiled Reports.
  • Access anytime, anywhere to all reports under HCOnline portal.
  • Comprehensive employer and broker packages which includes a bundle of all key reports.

Ad-Hoc Reports

  • We give our clients and brokers access to any data they like and customize the reports based on their needs.
  • We can develop the reports in-house for you at no charge! Just call in the report you want done.
  • Fast turnaround for custom and Ad-hoc reports with our in-house programming team.
  • Or we give you the data and the tools for you to analyze the data yourself.

Insights & Analytics

  • Beyond reporting, we help our clients analyze the data to develop actionable insights.
  • Examples of this are Care Gap Analysis, Predictive Modeling.
  • Benchmarking reports to see how your plan is performing